Wine areas in Greece

Allwinestories takes you to the most important wine regions of Greece.

The tour begins from Macedonia, where Xinomavro is the red dominant variety in Amyndeo, Goumenissa and Naoussa. Malagouzia, the white variety that survived in the vineyards of Halkidiki, having a long history behind it, is also cultivated there.

The region of Epirus is white on the wine map in Zitsa with Debina and red in Metsovo with the Vlachiko variety and the first planting of Cabernet Sauvignon in Greece.

In Thessaly we savour the aromatic Moschato of Tyrnavos and the Limniona as well as the red blend of Rapsani; in Sterea Hellas (Central Greece region), specifically in Attica, Savvatiano is the leading variety and thanks to the persistence of distinguished winemakers, it is nowadays evolving into a strong brand name. Together, we are going to travel to the country’s oldest vineyard to learn stories and get to know the faces that promote the variety.

One of the most important wine regions is the Peloponnese, the area with the most vines, the most wineries and the largest wine production. Roditis and Moschato of Rio from Achaia, Moschofilero from Mandinia, Kidonitsa from Laconia and the red spot of Nemea with the red variety of Agiorgitiko compose the very dynamic profile of this wine-growing zone.

In the Aegean region the white flag waves with Assyrtiko and Aidani, along with the Moschato of Lemnos and the one of Samos and the red one waves with Mandilaria and Mavrotragano.

Crete … “the land in the middle of the sea that has the colour of wine” also introduces us to varieties that come from ancient times. Under the white veil we find Vilana, Vidiano, Pilto, Thrapsathiri, Moschato of Spina, while red varieties include: Kotsifali, Mandilari and Romeiko.

In the overriding majority of the Greek vineyard, native varieties are grown, giving marvelous products. After 45 years of harmonious coexistence, we have excellent blends combined with international grape varieties: Assyrtiko Sauvignon Blanc, Agiorgitiko Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Xinomavro, Vlachiko Bekari Cabernet.

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