Travelling with allwinestories

With allwinestories we will travel and experience vineyards just as interesting as the Greek ones.

We will follow the wine paths of Veneto. This wine region is characterized by a uniqueness regarding life, culture, arts and letters, enabling the visitor to become passionate about it in all areas; to get introduced to and enjoy gastronomic and wine moments.

In the northeast of Italy, we will wander through the vineyards that produce the top red varieties of Valpolicella, the Amarone della Valpolicella and the popular Merlot & Pinot Noir.

The left bank of the Douro River awaits us to discover it. With its beautifully landscaped slopes, it aspires to win the prize for some of the world’s finest vines. An incomparable palette of indigenous varieties gives Portugal the opportunity to be a strong player on the world’s winery chessboard, with both the famous Port and the Vihno Verde wines that look at the competition straight in the eye.

Allwinestories entered Tokaji’s volcanic volcanic cellars, where Vinum Regum Rex Vinorum is created, a wine with rich stories and great aftertaste. The winemakers reveal the secrets of winemaking for us.

The journey has just begun.

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