The journalist Eleni Kefalopoulou is known about the passion for viniculture, and the innovation. The book about the «Μount Athos Wine» was written by her. It is well known that women can’t visit the Mount but Eleni Kefalopoulou is breaking the prohibition with her pen. The unique trip to the wine making of Mount Athos is framed by extraordinary landscapes of the photographer Aris Fotiadis. Through the pages of the book, you can dive back in time and get to know the quality wines that are characterized by respect for nature and faith, Cheers.

This is the first and only book about the history of viticulture and winemaking in the Holy Mountain of Greece. For more than a thousand years, the monks on Mount Athos continuously produce wine. Wine was and still is, one of the necessary elements of their diet. The history of wine on the Holy Mountain goes hand in hand with that of the monasteries.

Given that, apart from being a necessity  in the monasteries, it was also an exchangeable or commercial item. Mount Athos is perhaps the only place in Greece where viticulture is continuous from the Antiquity to the present days. This uniqueness was my driving force for a 4 year research in manuscripts, texts, libraries and archives. But as women are not allowed in the Holy Mountain, Aris Fotiadis, a film director-photographer, was providing me with photos and stories of the monks themselves. In the end I hope I opened a window on the vast history of viticulture on the Holy Mountain. It’s a book of surprises. Easy to read, full of unknown and intriguing stories and plenty of photos, to take you into a magic trip to a really Holy Mountain.

Eleni Kefalopoulou
Eleni Kefalopoulou

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