On the occasion of breakthrough awarding of the elegant and finest wine of  Avantis Estate “Agios Chronos” at Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2019 with a total marking 97/100, we’ve asked the Winemaker Apostolos Mountrichas how the name of this wine came up.

Its name… Agios Chronos means Holy Time in Greek Language.


«The  Time is Holy as it is him that forms the vineyards from young  to old grapevines.
Time is the catalyst at the winemaking and the maturation in order the wine acquire the greatness that deserves.

Time is the necessary tool with its help, we the Winemakers, we could understand our precious land and its terroir to succeed our utmost.

With surplus of patience we place all of our art and our love in winemaking, having always by our side the wise and untamed Time».


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