We, wine labels, you see, are a difficult case. We can be as complex as the contents within the bottle. In addition to good looks, we must provide a lot of information. There is a lot you need to know about a bottle of wine, and it is our job to make it known to every consumer.

As I have recently been discussing, with another label of prestigious origin from Saint Emilion, which I happened to meet in the conservator of the allwinestories group, our use and our family history dates back many centuries, back when our (great)grandparents in ancient Egypt, had put us in place, with seals and engravings, in order to improve trade. And even the ancient Greeks spread us to the then known world. And for centuries, we have evolved a lot. Some information is mandatory, and some is nice to have to properly present the quality of the content. Our existence is a story with a designated hierarchy of important details such as the brand, the year and the region and our boss (the wine producer), that always conceals a fine story within it.

Like the one you read in the interview of Vassilis Papayannakos, about the famous and timeless cockerel that is the mark of the estate.

Our evolution is now rapid. As much as we are a little bit troubled by the designs of our graphic designers, they are our stylists!!! We need them to get out on the catwalk … In international competitions. And, boy, do we like awards…!

I have lots of great stories to tell you. Like what the ones you see in the photo.

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