The vineyards of Paros have deep historical roots from the Cycladic Civilization times (3200-2000 BC). According to chemist-oenologist Dr. Stavroula Kourakou – Dragona, Paros is the ark that preserved the white variety Monemvasia (Malvasia) from Venetian domination times to the present day.

Mantilaria is the red, rich in color and taste variety that is cultivated on most of the vineyards of Paros. In 2011, PDO Malvasia of Paros, a sweet wine with high sugars was added to the above varieties.

Both varieties give Designation of Origin wines of a Higher Quality, as established in 1980. Other varieties grown on the island are: Vaftra, Aspruda, Aidani, Karabraimmi, Assyrtiko, Savvatiano, Malagousia, Roditis and Potamisi.

Most vineyards on the island are planted with the “aplotaria” technique. It is a typical technique in the Cyclades islands, in order to protect the plants from the wind and the intense sun. Lately, however, the winegrowers have invested in upright techniques. The vineyards are located on the low slopes of Mount Prophet Elias. There, the view is magnificent as the green of the vineyards blends with the light and the blue of the Aegean Sea. In total, the vineyards of Paros cover an area of 5000 acres.

Paros is a very important wine destination in the Cyclades, as visitors are looking for new experiences regarding wine. There are already six wineries in operation: Central Cooperative Union of Wine Producers of Paros, Moraitis Family at Agioi Anargyroi, Giorgos Moraitis – Moraitiko at Naoussa, Lourides Winery at Marpissa, Roussos Nikolaos Winery at Lefkes, and Alissafi Wine Estate Ktima Adam in Kamares, Paros with organic farming and production wines.

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