In an article by Eleni Pichouli in Lifo newspaper, in 2014, we read a beautiful statement about wine.

She wrote: “Wine is nothing less than the bottled flavour of the landscape, the scent of the earth and the climate, and all the features of each individual place, denatured in a liquid.”

In order to discover all of the above in the world of wine, you can follow basic concepts and trust yourself and your senses.

Do not underestimate your personal taste. Follow your sense of smell and taste and exclude non-essential information that does not help you, e.g. the pH of the wine.

Give wines that others underestimate a second chance, because you make your own matching of food and wine. You also drink them with a different mood.

Describe the characteristics of a wine with some basic terms (dry, semi-dry, sparkling, fortified, fruity, tannic).

Equip yourself with special glasses for all kinds of wine. Buy a decanter carafe and a professional bottle opener.

For the wine-loving fanatics with expectations, we suggest training in the wine schools of our country and, of course, following our website:

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